Gateway Real Estate is an award-winning company focused on the Puget Sound regional market. We are always eager to talk to experienced brokers that are looking for a better opportunity as well as people looking to begin a real estate career.

Considering a career in Real Estate? Here is what you should know before you begin.

Want to get a real estate license? The Gateway Real Estate Academy is your one stop for all your pre-license requirements. Live instruction courses and comprehensive on-line curriculum will help you pass the state exam on your first opportunity.  We work with The Rockwell Institute for online exam preparation. Call our office trainer, Cheri Warner, for more information at 253-224-4375. You can also check out the Gateway Real Estate Academy website for additional information
If you are newly licensed, and are having difficulty getting off to a good start, give us a call.  We will share tips that have helped many new agents become productive quickly.

If you are an experienced broker and want to learn more about what our firm provides to help our brokers take their business to higher levels please click on the Experienced Broker tab above.
The real estate market has become more challenging for everyone. Affiliating with a strong firm and surrounding yourself with successful people will help you meet those market challenges. Call us today for a confidential interview (253) 904-1500.

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